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      OUR HISTORY?? ? ? ?1930s?? ? ? ?1940s?? ? ? ?1950s?? ? ? ?1960s?? ? ? ?1970s?? ? ? ?1980s – PRESENT

      1980s – Present

      David Green

      David Green was appointed Chief Executive of Colefax and Fowler in 1986 and became Chairman a decade later, on Tom Parr’s retirement in 1996. His arrival heralded a period of great expansion for the company as it extended its global reach and was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

      Under David Green’s guidance, Colefax and Fowler acquired the US textile firms Cowtan and Tout (a brand sold only in the US, founded in 1924 and acquired in 1988), the British textile brand, Jane Churchill (founded in 1982 and acquired in 1989), Jack Lenor Larsen (founded in 1952 and acquired in 1997), the French fabric house Manuel Canovas (founded in 1963 and acquired in 1998), and the British furniture maker Kingcome Sofas (founded in 1971 and acquired in 1989).

      The interior design, decoration and antiques business reverted ?to its original trading name of Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler in the 1990s and continues to flourish. In 2017, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler relocated its London showrooms from Brook Street to Pimlico Road, in the middle of London’s decoration, design and antiques quarter.

      In keeping with its heritage, the Colefax Group’s head office remains in the heart of Mayfair. The number of staff of the small company founded by Lady Colefax, which had totalled 19 when Nancy Lancaster bought it and reached 70 by 1984, today exceeds 300.

      London sitting room decorated by Philip Hooper; Simon Brown / House & Garden ? The Condé Nast Publications Ltd
      One of the showrooms at Pimlico Road

      Further reading


      Colefax & Fowler: The Best in English Interior Decoration, by Chester Jones (1989)

      Nancy Lancaster: Her Life, Her World, Her Art by Robert Becker (1996)

      Inspirational Interiors: Colefax and Fowler, by Roger Banks-Pye (1997)

      Nancy Lancaster: English Country House Style, by Martin Wood (2005)

      John Fowler: Prince of Decorators, by Martin Wood (2007)

      On The Fringe: A Life in Decorating, by Imogen Taylor and Martin Wood (2016)

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