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      Lucy Hammond Giles

      Ideally the client shouldn’t feel like their home has been decorated but that it is an extension of their character; that it provides effortless comfort, joy and inspiration from which to get on with the business of life.… and just as our characters and lives are made up of layers – of experience and memory – so should any decoration.”

      ~ Lucy Hammond Giles


      Following graduation from Edinburgh University with an MA in History of?Art, time spent in the television industry, and establishing her own?design practice, Lucy has worked frequently for Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler since first joining for work experience 25?years earlier.

      Trained?under Wendy Nicholls and Emma Burns, Lucy re-joined the company in 2016 as a full-time designer. Lucy has a?wealth of experience and is retained by?clients, both in the UK and abroad.

      Inspired by the expertise and enthusiasm of colleagues, craftsmen and clients with whom she has worked, Lucy successfully engages in?commissions in a variety of styles.?Her collaborative approach can be seen to outstanding effect on recent projects including private?houses in London, the?Cotswolds,?the South of France, and office locations in Savile Row, Mayfair.

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