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      Nicola Crawley

      “I’m not a decorator that presents a single scheme and says, ‘this is what you’re having’. I like to learn, to build and to let things evolve, working closely with the Client so that they feel fully involved with the scheme and it is not just something they’ve been landed with.”

      ~ Nicola Crawley


      In the early phases of her career Nicola Crawley worked with a leading antique dealer, before moving into interior design.? After several years at Top Layer and later as a director at Mrs Monro, Nicola joined Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler in 2001 based in the Chelsea office.

      Primarily specialising in residential interiors,? her considered, thoughtful approach and collaborative style have won her a loyal clientele – many of whom have remained close friends.

      Her elegant, classical designs can be seen in a wide variety of settings, including ongoing commercial work and numerous private homes within the UK, Europe and Kuwait.

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