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      Philip Hooper

      “…you’re there to make people comfortable. Whether you’re working in an 18th?century idiom, a modernist style, or on some place in the tropics, it’s always about having somewhere to sit. Having somewhere to put your feet up, a light to read by, somewhere to put a drink down…”

      ~ Philip Hooper


      Philip trained as an architect before joining John Stefanidis in 1984 where he found his interest in interior decoration and history of design.? After setting up his own practice, concentrating on projects with a strong architectural emphasis, Philip joined Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler in 2001.

      His career has taken him all over the world with high profile work in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Caribbean. A self-confessed chameleon, Philip is comfortable working in a variety of styles – tailoring each design to the specifics of the site; drawing inspiration from the history of the building and its locale.

      His background as an architect enables him to think about everything from the foundations upwards when commencing a new project, and his skill as a draftsman gives him the ability to convey ideas visually when working alongside clients.

      Philip’s projects regularly feature in UK and international interior design magazines.

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