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      Roger Jones

      “…what I find most rewarding is working on houses that have some age, some history to them, and dealing with them in a sympathetic way – but making them relevant to modern life.”

      ~ Roger Jones


      After graduating from Cambridge University, Roger Jones spent several years as a barrister in specialist legal practice before he joined Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler in 1994 as Head of the Antiques Department.

      Whilst retaining overall responsibility for the Antiques Department, Roger now concentrates almost exclusively on a wide variety of decorating commissions – always with the same guiding principle of placing the existing architecture, and the way his clients live their lives, at the heart of everything he does.

      A lifetime’s fascination with English domestic architecture hasn’t stopped Roger from working around the world, with projects in France, the United States and Canada. Closer to home his work can be seen and enjoyed in countless London residences and historic English country houses.

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