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      Wendy Nicholls

      “The most important thing is letting your individuality come across. It’s a very emotional thing. Half the fun of being an interior designer is helping extract from people their view of themselves and bringing it to life in their environment.”

      ~ Wendy Nicholls


      Wendy Nicholls began her career specialising in textiles before moving into interior design.

      She worked for Mann & Fleming and Charles Hammond prior to joining Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler in 1976, working closely with Tom Parr, then Chairman, before running her own interior design team.

      Working to create spaces that reflect their owners’ identities, Wendy’s design philosophy is as elegant as the rooms she decorates: to suit the work to the architecture and the individual.

      A foremost authority on interior design with over four decades of experience, Wendy’s noteworthy commissions include luxury apartments, villas, chalets, yachts, country houses and boardrooms across the globe.

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