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      The House & Garden Book of Vacation Homes and Hideaways by Leonie Highton


      This truly seductive book features the homes of those who have created very special hideaways and retreats in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.? Some of the places featured are vacation homes; some have become the permanent base for families seduced by the beauty of their architecture or location; all are truly special places that inspire the sense and refresh the spirit.

      Structured around chapters which range from Seaside Sanctuaries and Mountain Hideouts to Country Retreats and Exotic Escapes, this beautiful book features Roger Jones’ quintessential English cottage in Wiltshire

      Photographed by some of the world’s leading photographers, The House & Garden Book of Vacation Homes and Hideaways offers escape and inspiration to all who open its pages.


      Copies of some of these publications are available through our Pimlico Road showroom. To enquire please e-mail showroom@sibylcolefax.com

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